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The nest for babies serves as a portable crib. It is perfect for use in the crib, stroller, on the parent's bed, in the living room or wherever the baby is carried or lowered. The baby is always safe, protected by the rims, in its familiar space and smell.

The semicircular shape imitates the womb and provides an additional sense of security and the confined space that the baby is used to in the mother's stomach. Therefore, she sleeps much longer and more carefree than she would sleep outside the nest.

  • The nest is tightened with a threaded tape to keep the free space to a minimum. It is later untied to allow the space to heal in proportion to the growth of the baby.
  • The semicircular pad is an integral part of the nest and is easy to remove. The tray is closed with Velcro and is easily removed for easy maintenance.
  • After the third month, the nest is untied because the baby is used to life outside the stomach and does not need a tight but limited space to soothe restless dreams.

In the period of 3-5 months, the baby becomes more active and the nest is used only in the crib. The rims of the nest limit the movements and the baby cannot spin around the entire bed and thus does not hit the edges. These same rims replace the balm because they are used for hugging, which additionally calms restless dreams and creates a feeling of closeness.

A baby aged 0-5 months grows rapidly. After the 5th month, growth slows down considerably, which means that the nest is suitable for a longer period of use than the one mentioned above.

  • Each nest arrives in a protective bag that is perfect for storage and transport


Quality controlled by CiS Institute doo
Country of origin: Serbia
Manufacturer: "BEBACLINO", Kikinda
Item name: NEST FOR BABY
Raw material composition: face cotton 100%
Filler 1: Drawn silicone 100% polyester
Filler 2: Sponge 100% PU
Size: Universal, Report number 2289018,


Delivery is made by the BEX courier service.


Dimensions of the detached nest:
The outer dimensions of the nest are 90x50 cm
The bed dimensions are 66x30cm

The dimensions are made according to the standard announced by the EU on safety and are very realistic for the height of the child in the indicated period.


Change in measurements when washing at 30°C: in length -0.9%, in width -0.5%
pH of aqueous extract 8.5%
Maintenance procedure:
Remove the inner sponge before washing and stick the velcro tape Machine wash at 30°, do not tumble dry
Steam ironing is allowed

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The first backpack that is perfect for the smallest back. A bag that children can carry by themselves, without the help of their parents.


    Delivery is made by the courier service Bex, an external company with which we have a long-standing cooperation. We have no influence on the work of the courier service itself, therefore it is important that all questions related to delivery be addressed directly to the courier service.


    The package is sent within 5 working days