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Cutie Cloud

ROUND BED 3in1 - WHITE Cutie Cloud + Mattress

ROUND BED 3in1 - WHITE Cutie Cloud + Mattress

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Round cot made of BEECH WOOD, color WHITE.
WHEN CHOOSING A Crib, ITS MASSIVENESS IS MOST IMPORTANT, so that it is high-quality, stable and, above all, durable in order to accompany all stages of the child's growth and development.
It is for this reason that we have chosen the best solution with great care and are proud to recommend this cot that can be used up to the child's 10th birthday.
CRADLE, Crib and CHILDREN'S BED 3 in 1 - because it extends in accordance with the growth of the child. The bed positions are BABY, MINI and JUNIOR
In the earliest stage, the crib is placed in the smallest circular shape called the CRADLE
  • Dimensions in the cradle stage are 83x63cm and height 90cm.
  • The mattress is placed at the upper height, which is 35 cm from the edge, so that the baby is more accessible and the back is protected.
  • The cot has stable wheels so that the cradle can be easily moved around the home
  • The first phase is used in the period of 0-6 months

The next stage of expansion is from the cradle stage to the BED stage

  • Dimensions in the BED phase are 126x83 and height 90cm
  • The mattress is placed at a height of 35 cm until the baby stands up
  • When the baby starts to stand, the mattress lowers to a height of 61 cm
  • The front grill is removed when you feel that the child is mature enough to get in and out of the crib independently
  • The castors can be used in the period from 0-24 months and after that period the crib is placed on the floor.
  • The second phase is used in the period from 0-48 months

The last stage of expansion is from the stage of the bed to the stage of CHILDREN'S BED

  • The dimensions in the CHILDREN'S BED phase are 186x83 and the height is 80cm
  • The last phase is used for a period of 4-10 years

Cutie Cloud is not the result of industrial mass production, but each wooden element is hand-processed while the natural irregularities of the wood itself are left as they were precisely because of the natural impression.

The elements are tinted, not painted, so that the natural texture of the wood itself is expressed. The end result is that each set is a unique one-of-a-kind in the perfect imperfection of natural wood and hand finishing.

Package contents:

  • wooden elements that make up the fence and half of the cradle (2 pcs),
  • extensions for extending the crib (2 pcs),
  • connecting strips for connecting elements (4 pcs.),
  • connecting screws and mattress support brackets,
  • wheels with brakes (4 pcs.),
  • mattress and mattress support BEBI with cover,
  • mattress and mattress support MINI with cover
  • instructions for use

The price does not include the mattress for the JUNIOR phase because it would not be practical for it to stand and take up space for four full years, until the moment of need.

The crib comes in two boxes. The weight of each box is: 15 kg. The dimensions of each box are: 91.5x37x93cm


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A very soft set made of the finest material. Perfect for making your little ones happy.


    Delivery is made by the BEX courier service. The package is sent within 7 working days.